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The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen 


Docu teaser

One foot in sunny LA and one in cold Copenhagen.

Documentary director Christina Amundsen from Bacon Productions has been following us since 2013 documenting our work cross the Atlantic. The film we thought would only be about our work process has turned out to be a film about lifes journey and what makes you keep going making music in spite of life’s obstacles and an album stretching over 10 years.



When creativity and inspiration strikes, absolutely nothing can stop its progression - not even the Atlantic Ocean. 

The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (TLOEG) is an international duo, whose mind-bending subgenre of Hip-Hop and Electronic music pushes the boundaries of both genres. 

The members of TLOEG are NOTE, a San Diego, California resident, and Copenhagen, Denmark native Simon Muschinsky. 

Living on separate continents and collaborating via the Internet strengthened their musical connection, atuning them further each other’s strengths. 

Vocalist and lyricist NOTE is known for his witty, raw and unorthodox approach to Hip-Hop music. A veteran MC, NOTE has a large grassroots following and has been featured in The Source, toured the US and collaborated with well known producers throughout the world. With a sound which he describes as “Space Age Gangsta”, NOTE expands on traditional Hip-Hop by experimenting with a diverse collection of artists, producers and beatmakers to achieve a sound that is uniquely his own. 

The technical wizard behind TLOEG is Simon Muschinsky, a producer, beatmaker and keyboard player whose production style is truly in a league of its own. Simon is most notably a founding member of successful Danish pop ensemble When Saints Go Machine (!K7 & EMI Scandinavia). Simon has toured Europe and scored big hits in Denmark. Like his partner in TLOEG, Simon is a visionary who seeks to constantly push the boundaries of artistic creation and expression. 

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